Sep 10

Adjustable glasses in Bolivia

We’ve been working with the Remote Area Medicine (RAM) vision outreach project in Bolivia to distribute Adspecs to those in need. We received some photos of the Adspecs in use – your donations in action.

If you’d like to bring vision correction to your organization’s mission in the developing world, please click here to find out more.

Feb 10

Making a difference in Cameroon


One of our early projects has been supporting the work of the Rural Development Centre in north west Cameroon. Thanks to support from the Google Inc. Charitable Giving Fund at The Tides Foundation, we’ve been able to provide 225 adjustable glasses to the Berudep and Mbingo eye clinics, and an additional 200 reading glasses.

We recently heard from the project with a short update and some photos of the project’s first client. We hope many more will follow!

rudec_glasses_small_1Many thanks to Reinoud Vaandrager (on the right) for his work in starting this project during his time in Cameroon.

If you’re interested in starting a project in the developing world, please get in touch. To support projects like this, please donate to Global Vision 2020.

We’ll be featuring the great results from more of our projects over the next few weeks and months!

Feb 10

Bumper stickers in the shop

Screen shot 2010-02-22 at 18.28.45A quick update: we’ve now added bumper stickers to the online shop – both normal bumper stickers and European style oval stickers. Show the world you support Global Vision 2020, for the low price of $5 per sticker. As always, all proceeds go to supporting vision projects around the world.

Click here to visit the shop today!

Feb 10

Gizmodo loves the Adspecs

The technology of the Adspecs has been featured on our very favourite technology blog, Gizmodo. Thanks for the support guys!

Check out the really cool video that Joel Johnson has made about self-adjustable glasses and how they make a huge difference to people with poor vision around the world:

Adspecs from Joel on Vimeo.

Jan 10

Adspecs on “The Colbert Report”

Screen shot 2010-01-20 at 14.23.58

We were caught slightly off guard this morning by hearing that the Adspecs were featured on The Colbert Report last night! Thank goodness the internet allows for sleepy heads like me the opportunity to see what I’ve missed.

The interview was with Designer/Humanitarian/Author Emily Pilloton who recently published her book “Design Revolution, 100 That Empower People.”

Jokes aside, Steven and Emily gets to the heart of the issue that there is something that we can do about fixing this problem. Hopefully this exposure will help!

Nov 09


Screen shot 2009-11-02 at 10.16.24Thanks to everyone who supported us in the America’s Giving Challenge over the weekend. We raised a lot of money and gained many new donors.

If any of you are moved to contribute again or if you missed the deadline, then you can still contribute through the Global Vision 2020 website or through our Facebook causes page.

Oct 09

America’s Giving Challenge

This Halloween, we’re taking part in the America’s Giving Challenge from Facebook Causes. If we can take in the most number of donations today (minimum $10) we could win up to $1500 in additional donations in the Daily Challenge.

Head on over to our Facebook Cause page now and help us top the table!

Oct 09

World Sight Day Projects Appeal

Today is World Sight Day 2009, and here at Global Vision 2020 we would like to thank you for supporting our work to bring vision correction to over one billion people worldwide who lack access to it.

We are developing exciting new projects with local organizations in countries around the world, including Haiti, Tanzania, Bolivia and many others. This World Sight Day, we’re asking you to support us to get these new projects off the ground and distributing glasses to those who need them.

By donating you’ll be able to help get more and more people out there distributing glasses, in more and more parts of the world, helping those who can’t get access to eyecare.

There’s now a number of ways to support us:

We’ll be letting you know about new projects as they’re launched. To help us support these projects and the necessary research into making sure that our work is effective, we depend on your donations.

There’s a lot to be excited about – please support us and help bring vision to those who need it.

Sep 09

Get news updates in Facebook

If you use Facebook, no doubt you’ve signed up to support our Facebook Cause. Using this you can donate to Global Vision 2020 and spread the word amongst your friends about our work. But until now you’ve had to be signed up to the Causes application, and we haven’t been able to publish news updates that you can read in your news feed.

Luckily now you can sign up and become a fan of Global Vision 2020 – just click here, click ‘Become a Fan’ at the top and then you’ll get news updates in your Facebook news feed. Please invite your friends along as well – awareness of this problem is key!

Sep 09

Buy your presents from us!


Want to spread the word about Global Vision 2020 and help us at the same time? Well now you can! The Global Vision 2020 shop is now open for business, selling a selection of branded merchandise. All the profits go to Global Vision 2020 to support our work.

There are black and white T-shirts (both fitted and normal), the Global Vision 2020 bag, a mug and a small logo pin. We’ve got some great ideas for gifts coming up, especially for Christmas, and we’ll keep you updated when we add them to the store.

The shop is powered by Cafepress – who handle all the legwork for us, and assure you of their excellent customer service, delivery handling and secure payment.

Click here to help the world see clearly!

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