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Global Vision 2020 aims to tackle the vast issue of vision correction globally through the dissemination of self-adjustable eyeglasses through the use of existing aid/development organization distribution networks throughout the developing world.

The Executive Director, and founder, of Global Vision 2020, Kevin White, started the current model of distribution that is in use by the United States Military. The scaling up of this success to civilian networks is an obvious and necessary requirement to meet the ever increasing need of the world's impoverished.

Self-adjustable eyeglasses

The most vital problem to be overcome in the developing world is the lack of trained optometrists who are able to prescribe properly corrected eyeglasses. Global Vision 2020 adopts a new approach to the issue through the application of technology by deploying adjustable eyeglasses. This technology allows the recipient to correct their own vision; a process known as 'self-refraction'.

How adjustable eyeglasses work

Several field studies have already been undertaken to research the self-refraction approach used in the US Military distribution efforts, and new research studies are underway to confirm the scientific accuracy of self-refraction and its applicability to children and teenagers.

Global Vision 2020 will work with any supplier of adjustable eyewear (or similar technology if applicable/available) to provide glasses to the developing world. Suppliers of similarly distributable eyewear are encouraged to contact us to discuss potential distribution through Global Vision 2020.

Donors and Distributors

Global Vision 2020 makes available to any qualifying non-profit, NGO, or government organization the best 'technological fit' for delivering eyeglasses to the developing world. We make the devices and the training available to distributors at no or low cost, in order to take advantage of the distribution networks and contacts that these organizations have made throughout the developing world.

There are hundreds of aid organizations, with tens of thousands of people deployed throughout the developing world that are there for almost as many reasons; some go to teach tangible skills, some to practice medicine, some to minister, some to build. If all of these good intentioned people could also give the gift of clearer vision, their efforts could make a huge impact on this vast issue.

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  • A lack of optometric personnel is the greatest problem preventing proper vision correction worldwide today.
  • Poor vision for the people of developing nations affects every aspect of their lives, by directly influencing how productive they can be.
  • By simplifying the delivery mechanism to laymen with very basic training, almost anyone can become a glasses distributor.
  • By using existing organizational networks throughout the developing world the mass distribution of effective corrective eyewear becomes possible.
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